Start a League

Rookie Rugby Leagues are short, 4-8 week learning leagues where youth can individually sign up
for Rookie Rugby and be placed on a team. It’s a great way to try rugby quickly and safely!

  1. Short time frame

    No lengthy seasons or year round commitments.

  2. Fits small or large communities

    Leagues can run with as few as 20 kids. Because it is individual registration, the league can grow along with your community’s love of rugby!

  3. Smaller space, equipment, and teams

    Rookie Rugby can be played on smaller fields or indoors. Age-appropriate equipment keeps the game simple and small teams let everyone be a part of the game!

Rookie Rugby Leagues has a full Administrative Manual for setting up your Rookie Rugby League. This manual is full of best practices, schedules, and suggestions for all of the needs your league may have.
Click on the image below to download the pdf (4.9 MB)

Rookie Rugby has created a step-by-step guide for setting up new Rookie Rugby leagues.

USA Rugby and State Rugby Organization Affiliation:

  • Establish a new club. USA Rugby charges $160 per membership year for each club; however, some State Rugby Organizations pay for their Rookie Rugby clubs.
  • Membership: Rookie Rugby leagues must register through their State Rugby Organization. Registration is extremely low-cost. All participants become USA Rugby Rookie Rugby members, and their clubs and participants have full access to USA Rugby member services.
  • Coaching: Each Rookie Rugby league must have a minimum of one Level 100 coach. Steps for this include:
    • Register as a USA Rugby Coach.
    • Obtain a Level 100 Coach certification.
    • Rookie Rugby recommends at least one Level 100 per league team, and recommends all coaches take a Rookie Rugby Instructor course.
  • USA Rugby offers the following member benefits.


  • Field/Gym Space: A normal multi-use grass pitch can hold up to 4 Rookie Rugby fields. Rookie Rugby can even be played indoors in a typical elementary sized gymnasium. So space is not an issue!
  • Marketing: Connect with schools and youth groups to showcase the sport in a fun and active recruiting session. The Rookie Rugby Coach and Referee training is easily adapted to school demos.
  • Registration: A method to sign up and contact your participants.
  • Equipment: Balls, Flags, Jerseys and boundary cones. All available in the Rookie Rugby Shop,
  • Coaching and Refereeing: Here are three ideas for establishing coaches and referees for your league.
    • Contact your SRO for a Rookie Rugby Coach and Referee training
    • Connect with local high school teams, have high schoolers serve as assistant coaches and referees.
    • Assign each family to “guest coach” one week of practice and serve as a touch judge another week.

Log Activity

Log Activity (New)

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please provide a brief summary of the session and any additional information relevant for reporting. Things to include could be the number of volunteers present, types of resources provided, and follow-up/next steps.