Non-Contact Rugby

Rookie Rugby uses flags for a safe introduction to rugby!

Rugby is a great option to consider and you will be happy you did! USA Rugby is committed to the safety and well-being of everyone involved in the sport. Let us help you learn more about rugby and why it is the best choice you as a player, or for your son or daughter, as a parent/guardian.

USA Rugby is proud to offer both non-contact and contact versions of rugby all over the U.S.A. The Rookie Rugby program is a non-contact version of the game, keeping it safe for kids of all ages. It is the first step in USA Rugby’s player pathway, introducing the newest Olympic sport in a fun, safe way for boys and girls of all ages.

Safety is Our Primary Concern

USA Rugby understands that safety is one of the primary concerns when starting with rugby, for both players and parents. We are committed to this concern and have developed a plethora of materials, trainings, regulations, and resources that ensure all players, coaches and referees remain safe in this great game.

Rookie Rugby is the non-contact version of the game. It is a great introduction to the game that helps keep kids healthy, moving and having fun. The curriculum is integrateda across multiple subjects (health, nutrition, global studies and physical education) and meets national standards.

USA Rugby is dedicated to the safety of rugby through:

  • Appropriate training and education for all coaches working with youth rugby players
  • Appropriate training and education for all rugby referees for management of the game
  • Resources and materials available on and
  • Rugby insurance provided through USA Rugby membership for registered members

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