There are many opportunities to get off the sidelines and get into rugby! We always need coaches, referees, and volunteers to help kids have the best experience with the game. It is easy to gain education and get involved in your area.


Coaching a sports team can be one of the most rewarding jobs you do in your lifetime. As the sport of rugby grows, so does our need for more coaches. Rugby is an easy sport to learn and teach with USA Rugby’s great resources and materials.  Check out how you can get involved today!

Steps to Coaching:

  1. Learn the Game

    Rookie Rugby is a great entry point to coaching. It is a fun way for kids to try the sport at a young age. Rookie Rugby is easy to coach and you can start by taking our Rookie Rugby Instructor Online Training Course. Once you have learned the rules of the game check with your local state representative for local Rookie Rugby training courses that you can attend.
  2. Help an Existing Team

    To see what teams are in your area contact your local State Organization here.
  3. Start Your Own Team

    If you don’t have a Rookie Rugby team or league in your area you can get started on your own!  For more information on starting your team check out our Find/Start a team page link to start a team page.  Also make sure to check out the Rookie Rugby resources section!  There you will find printable game cards, sample lesson plans, and instructional videos just for you.


Officiating any sport is not an easy task, but it is a role that is integral to the game. Rugby refereeing is a unique position where you work to maintain the continuity of the game, focusing on allowing the players to play instead of just blowing your whistle.

Steps to Refereeing

  1. Contact Your State Representative

    If you are interested in refereeing in your community, start by contacting your local state representative. Visit  for someone in your area!
  2. Take a Referee Course

    USA Rugby offers multiple opportunities to get trained as a referee. Start with this introductory course; visit for more information and to find courses in your area:
    • Level 1 – Intro to Officiating: This course is designed to teach the basics of rugby officiating and prepare anyone to step on to the field with a whistle.


Another great way to try on rugby is by becoming a rugby administrator. Getting involved behind the scenes to create new programs, help with running leagues, and setting up events are just a few things that grow this game we all love. Every team needs a team parent!

Steps to Administrating

  1. What’s Your Passion?

    Rugby administrating encompasses a lot of different skill sets. Figure out what you love to do or what you are interested in doing to set your niche. Some examples include:
    • Planning and Running Events
    • Setting up and Running Leagues
    • Starting New Programs in Schools and Communities
    • Training Coaches and Referees
    • Media Promotion and Marketing
    • Fundraising and Sponsorship
  2. Contact Your State Representative

    If you are interested in administrating in your community, start by contacting your local state representative. Visit for someone in your area.
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