Step by Step

Getting started with rugby is easy and USA Rugby has outlined a few steps for new programs. Check out these steps and additional resources and you can start rugby today!

STEP 1: Learn the Game

  • USA Rugby has a ton of great resources that can help you learn the game of rugby.  Check out our Rookie Rugby Guidebook here to learn the rules:

STEP 2: Get Some Help

  • There are local volunteers all over the country ready and willing to help support you in teaching rugby.
  • Contact your local State Rugby Organizations (SRO) to find someone in your area.
  • Visit for contact information.

STEP 3: Pick a Program

  • The greatest thing about Rookie Rugby is that it fits into any program format. Decide which format works best for your organization:
    • Multi-Sport Option – Rookie Rugby fits in as a great option for a multi-sports camp. The curriculum can be adapted to fit into a few hours, one day, or even a week!
    • One Day Clinic/Camp – Once your members experience a taste, they will want more rugby! Provide a full day of games and competition in a clinic or camp format.
    • Multi-Day Camp – The curriculum can fit into any length camp. Use the curriculum to plan the camp!
    • League – Flag rugby leagues are a ton of fun and can be played over a number of weeks.

STEP 4: Begin Teaching Rugby!

  • Once you have downloaded the curriculum for your program and solicited local help, you are ready to get started! Your members will love this game!
  • Be sure to record your session! 

Log Activity

  • Please provide a brief summary of the session and any additional information relevant for reporting. Things to include could be the number of volunteers present, types of resources provided, and follow-up/next steps.