Refereeing Leagues


Anyone can be a Rookie Rugby Referee! Parents, high school and college players, and coaches can quickly learn the ropes and help referee a youth flag game.

Your State Rugby Organization (SRO) has qualified instructors who can set up a 2-4 hour coach training for your league. This trianing includes Rookie Rugby basics for coaches and referees. 

6 Basic Calls for Rookie Rugby Referees: 
When refereeing Rookie Rugby, understanding and teaching of the rules is the primary goal. With each call, blow your whistle loudly, make your hand signal and loudly let the players know what you have called. If necessary, also explain why, and how they can avoid the infraction in the future.

  1. Try: Hand raised after scoring
  2. Forward pass: Both Hands moving forward  
  3. Knock-on: One hand raised, moving forward
  4. Offside: Swing one arm down around waist, along offside line
  5. Into Touch: Arm in the direction of team entitled to throw in. 
  6. Foul Play: Make an X with your arms above your head and stop play. Clarify behavior with player and coach. 

Log Activity

  • Please provide a brief summary of the session and any additional information relevant for reporting. Things to include could be the number of volunteers present, types of resources provided, and follow-up/next steps.