Rookie Rugby Leagues


What are Rookie Rugby Leagues?
Rookie Rugby Leagues are short, 4-8 week learning leagues where youth can individually sign up for Rookie Rugby and be placed on a team. It’s a great way to try rugby quickly and safely!

What makes Rookie Rugby Leagues special?
#1. Short time frame– no lengthy seasons or year round commitments.
#2. Fit for small or large communities– Leagues can run with as few as 20 kids. Because it is individual registration, the league can grow along with your community’s love of rugby!
#3. Smaller space, equipment, and teams– Rookie Rugby can be played on smaller fields or indoors. Age-appropriate equipment keeps the game simple and small teams let everyone be a part of the game!

Where can I find a Rookie Rugby League?
Check out our Youth Club Finder and ask a club near you if they offer leagues for your son or daughter!

I’m a school, can I run a Rookie Rugby League?
Absolutely. Rookie Rugby Leagues can be run by any organization that’s familiar with youth sports. USA Rugby & our State Rugby Organizations can provide coaching training and event sanctioning at a low cost. Contact for more info.

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