Rookie Rugby for Clubs

Rugby Clubs across the country are adding Rookie Rugby opportunities for girls and boys ages 5-12.
Adding a Rookie Rugby club season to your club is a great way to build club members and fans, provide coaching and refereeing opportunities for your players, and keep the sport of Rugby growing!

Step 1: Contact Your State Rugby Organization

  • State Rugby Organizations (SROs) are responsible for the development of rugby across the country. These entities are great resources for starting teams in your area. Notify them that you are interested in starting a Rookie Rugby program.
  • Your SRO can provide resources for securing coaches and referees, as well as provide best practices for running your team. Click here to locate your SRO.

Step 2: Recruit and Register Volunteers

  • Recruit volunteers through local men’s and women’s teams, collegiate teams, parents, teachers, and other supporters.
  • Register all volunteers, coaches, and referees at, which includes a background check and insurance coverage.

Step 3: Recruit Players through club member families and schools

  • Many of your current and former club members have little sisters and brothers. Reach out to them and build your initial set of participants from within your club!
  • Find out what schools these players attend, and connect the PE Class with Rookie Rugby in a Box
  • Download free Rookie Rugby resources and curriculum at in order to prepare for your in-school sessions.
  • Create and print promotional fliers for advertising the new team including practice times and locations, as well as contact information.
  • Run non-contact Rookie Rugby sessions in P.E. classes to promote your new team.

Step 4: Plan and Organize Your Team

  • Look at the resources under “Mini Club” for Grassroots growth
  • Find out when the Rookie Rugby season is in your State, and build smaller playing opportunities- play days, mini-clubs, camps, etc- leading up to that season

Step 5: Register Your Team

  • Register your new team through your SRO or USA Rugby to ensure compliance and appropriate insurance coverage. Visit for more information on USA Rugby Membership.

Step 6: Hold a Pre-Season Meeting for Parents and Players

  • Coaches are encouraged to establish effective lines of communication with team parents and players early in the season by holding a Pre-Season Meeting. This meeting will set the tone for your team for the entire season. During the meeting, review team rules and goals, review league rules and structure, assign parent roles, and address any concerns of the parents.

Step 7: Register and Play

  • Be sure to register all players with your SRO and USA Rugby to ensure appropriate compliance and insurance coverage. Visit for more information.
  • Most importantly, make sure your players are safe and having fun with the newest Olympic sport!

Log Activity

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