Rookie Rugby

Rookie Rugby is the introductory game for rugby in America. Kids, parents, teachers, fans, referees and coaches learn and compete in a simplified version of rugby played with flag belts. The rules and programs of Rookie Rugby tie together child development, healthy activity, fair play, fun and safety. Rookie Rugby is the official start of the player pathway for USA Rugby and is used in PE classrooms, after-school programs, community programs and rugby clubs throughout the USA.


The game of Rookie Rugby is played with flags to replace the action of tackling. Utilizing flags not only limits collisions, but also allows the game to be played safely nearly anywhere and on any surface. Flag rugby is the preferred method to introduce rugby. If no flags are available, the game can be played as two hand touch.

Development Focused

All types of rugby are free flowing and feature continuous play. Small sides of players work as a team to move the ball across their opponent’s goal line to score a try. These features place an emphasis on skill building, fitness through game-play and developmentally appropriate rules. Rugby has long held a set of core values--- Integrity, Passion, Solidarity, Discipline, Respect. Rookie Rugby continues these values and adds the value of friendship to its core principles.

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