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Uncontested Scrum

Difficulty: Beginner
  • Scrum


To teach players the Rookie Rugby version of a scrum.

What to Coach

A scrum is formed from two units, one from each team made up of three players each (Front Row). In each Front Row there are two ‘Props’ with a ‘Strike’ in the middle.


Rookie Rugby scrums start as uncontested and players should not be allowed to push or drive. The team that was awarded the scrum will roll the ball into the scrum and should be allowed to win possession.

Step 1: Players should learn the appropriate body positing in a scrumPlayers should keep their back flat, feet and body square, shoulders above hips, head neutral, and eyes forward.

Step 2: The essential foundation of a scrum is the binding of the front row.

  • The strike stands in the middle and places their arms around both props backs. Their hands grasp the prop’s jersey just below the armpits.
  • Each prop places an arm around the strike, grasping just below the opposite armpit.
  • Players should hold the jersey of the person next to them tightly to keep the scrum strong and stable.

Step 3: Coaches and players must know the engagement sequence and cadence the referees uses. The engagement sequence will be called out by the referee: “Crouch! Bind! Set.”

  • Crouch – Bound front rows lower into position.
  • Bind – Props will grasp the prop opposite them on their shoulder.
  • Set – The two front rows come together, placing their heads to the left and under the chest of the player across from them, and form a scrum.
  • The team in possession will roll the ball into the scrum. The strike from the team rolling the ball in moves the ball backwards with one foot.
  • The player putting the ball in will collect it from the back of the scrum and pass to a teammate.

Coaching Notes

Game Progressions

Once players are of the right age and ability, they can advance to contested scrums.

Key Concepts

  1. Develop players capable of working as a collective unit.
  2. Before any engagement make sure that all players are bound together properly.
  3. At any time before engagement, if a front row player is not ready for the scrum, they should inform the referee.

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