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Uncontested Lineout

Difficulty: Beginner
  • Lineout


To teach players the Rookie Rugby version of a lineout.

What to Coach

Four players from each team will make up a lineout. For the team in possession of the ball, there will be one player throwing the ball in, two players receiving the in-bound pass, and one player who will move the ball away from the lineout.  The defending team will match the offensive teams four players. 

Players should not lift in lineouts until they have developed the necessary skills and strength. Lineouts in Rookie Rugby start as uncontested. The team that throws the ball in must be allowed to win possession of the ball.

Step 1: Coach the thrower:

  • Spin Pass – Start with a basic spin or underhand pass.  Call out a jumper and have players try and hit their target.
  • Overhead Pass – More experienced players can start advancing to throwing the ball overhead.  Begin with shorter distances before advancing.

Step 2: Coach the jumpers: Encourage players to maintain a low body position while in the lineout.  Have them take one step into the tunnel, bring their far foot in to be shoulder width and then jump straight into the air when going for the ball.  He should be an easy “step-step-jump” motion.

Step 3: Rotate all players so they have a chance to try all positions.

Coaching Notes

Game Progressions

  1. Once players are the appropriate age and ability they can advance to contested lineouts without lifting.

Key Concepts

  1. Coach the lineout effectively and safely.
  2. Create a platform to launch an attack.
  3. Lifting takes specific skills and strength and should not be used in Rookie Rugby games.

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