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Running with the Ball

Difficulty: Advanced
  • Running


To have players run effectively with the ball in two hands.

What to Coach

Learning how to properly run with a rugby ball is very important for player safety and to properly develop basic skills.

Step 1: Introduce this skill by showing players the correct way to run with the ball:

  1. Fingers are spread on each side of the ball
  2. Ball is carried at chest height
  3. Elbows are tucked in

Step 2: In a small grid marked by cones, have players run around and carry the ball.  Help correct individual form as they run.

Step 3: Demonstrate the skill for players and have them call out when you carry the ball incorrectly:

  1. Carry the ball below your chest
  2. Tuck the ball under one arm
  3. Carry the ball above your chest
  4. Hold elbows out

Coaching Notes

Game Progressions

  1. Create a shuttle game where players run and place rugby balls at certain cones.
  2. Have players form one line facing one defensive player.  Have player in line run with the ball towards the defensive player. Instruct players to work on an evasion skill while running at their opponent with the ball in hand.
  3. Incorporate picking up a rugby ball on the run.
  4. Use progression number two with an additional player running with the ball carrier so they can pass the ball when they get to the defender.

Key Concepts

  1. Make sure players are holding the ball with two hands when they are running or evading.
  2. Correct players if they are carrying the ball too high or too low.

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