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Offensive Shape

Difficulty: Advanced
  • Offense
  • Passing
  • Running


To have players work as a team to penetrate the defense and score.

What to Coach

A good offensive shape consists of a ball carrier and two support players forming a triangle on the field.  Additional players will line up in support in a staggered position.

Step 1: Help players understand offensive shape by placing them in a triangle formation.

Step 2: Have players practice by setting up on the field; change the ball carrier so they can adjust to keep a good formation.

Step 3: Have all support players move forward to receive a pass.  This allows them to attack at a running pace.

Step 4: Have support players attack the weakest point in the defense.  The weakest point in the defense is where the most space is between two defenders.

Coaching Notes

Game Progressions

  1. Add defensive players to apply pressure to the offensive shape.

Key Concepts

  1. Make sure all players work to stay behind the ball carrier.
  2. Make sure that players are communicating with each other to maintain offensive shape at all times.

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