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Draw and Pass

Difficulty: Advanced
  • Passing


To have players maintain continuity of play by engaging the defense and passing to a teammate in a better position.

What to Coach

The draw and pass is an offensive move where the ball carrier runs with the ball and draws the defense towards them to create more space. Once the defensive player commits to the ball carrier, the ball carrier passes the ball to a teammate.

Step 1: Begin with a demonstration of the draw and pass:

  1. Hold the ball in two hands
  2. Run at the defender and then move to the right or left in order to force them to defend you
  3. Look at the receiver
  4. Pass at chest height in front of the receiver
  5. Complete pass and then support

Step 2: Have players work in teams of three, rotating between one defensive player and two offensive players.

Step 3: Have players work to draw in the defender before passing the ball to their teammate.  Incorporate critical thinking – if the defender does not commit, the player continues to run forward.

Coaching Notes

Game Progressions

  1. Have players work on the skill in a 3 v 2 and 4 v 3 situation.
  2. Encourage supporting teammates to read the actions of the ball carrier and react by utilizing the newly opened space.

Key Concepts

  1. Make sure players are following their pass to get in support as soon as they are no longer in possession.
  2. Make sure players have a straight follow through with their pass.
  3. Make sure players are throwing the ball to their target area, which is the receiver’s “W”.

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