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Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Offense
  • Running


To have players continue play after a defensive flag pull.

What to Coach

Coaching Cues
Run through the flag pull

Take Three athletic steps towards the try line.

Pass the ball
Find a player running in support to pass the ball. The goal is to find the pass in stride, but beginners may need up to three seconds to pass the ball.

Return to get your flag
Require the attacking player to return to get their flag from the defender.
This helps keep players involved in the flag pull from interfering with ongoing play.

Coaching Notes

Game Progressions

  1. Have players walk through the skill and then progress to jogging and full speed.
  2. Add defenders to challenge players to read situations and adjust.
  3. Have players work in smaller offensive groups so they are working harder and more often to get in support.

Key Concepts

  1. Make sure players are moving fast to get into support positions.
  2. Make sure support players are keeping depth and not remaining aligned with the ball carrier.
  3. Encourage constant communication that is clear and concise.  Example, “I’m on your left; pass now!”

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