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Basic Pass

Difficulty: Advanced
  • Passing


To have players maintain continuity of play by passing to a teammate in a better position.

What to Coach

It is important for players to remember a few simple rules to effectively pass a rugby ball during play.  Once practiced enough, these rules should become second nature and players will be able to perform a basic pass easily.

Step 1: Show players what a basic pass looks like:

  1. Run straight
  2. Hold the ball with both hands
  3. Look at the receiver
  4. Pass at chest height in front of the receiver
  5. Be sure the pass is made laterally or backwards
  6. Complete the pass and follow through by pointing hands at the receiver

Step 2: Have players practice with a partner by forming two lines across from each other and passing in stationary positions.  Start with a short distance between players.  Increase the distance between lines to make it more challenging.

Step 3: Have players practice the basic pass in small groups of 2-6 players going from one end of a grid to the other, completing 10-20 passes each.  Help players individually learn how to pass by correcting their form.

Coaching Notes

Game Progressions

  1. Have players work on different types of passes in the passing line that they have learned (i.e. pop pass).
  2. Make exercises dynamic by incorporating running with passing.
  3. Increase the distance passed.

Key Concepts

  1. Make sure every player passes with two hands on the ball.
  2. Ensure that players pick a target area before making any pass.  They should be looking at their receiver and know where the ball is going before they pass.
  3. Make sure players are following through with their arms when they pass, pointing at the receiver.
  4. Make sure their arms are straight when they follow through.

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