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Ball Familiarization

Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Ball Handling


To have players become familiar with the shape and size of a rugby ball.

What to Coach

Describe the rugby ball by comparing it to other sports that kids will know.  A rugby ball is bigger than a football and about the size of a soccer ball. The shape is similar to a football so that the ball can easily be passed, but the shape is more round than a football so that the ball can be kicked as well.

Step 1:  Have kids pass the rugby ball around and have them pick out differences and similarities between a rugby ball and other sports balls.

Step 2: Have everyone hold their own ball, instructing them to carry the ball with two hands at all times.

Step 3: Make a small square space with cones and have players run from one side to the other, making sure to hold the ball in two hands at all times.

Step 4: On the instructor’s signal, have them all put their balls down and pick up someone else’s, making sure to use two hands at all times.

Step 5: Have players throw the ball into the air and catch it 5-10 times each.

Step 6: Lastly, have them move the ball around their bodies. Start around the waist and then try under each leg. Make it a fun contest to see who can perform various skills without dropping the ball during each exercise.

Coaching Notes

Game Progressions

  1. If players are older, shorten your introduction and have players run in the grid and perform a different action every time you signal. For example, every time you blow the whistle, players must move the ball around their waist and feet before finding a new ball.
  2. If players are already experienced with a ball, this skill can be used as a warm-up or conditioning game.

Key Concepts

  1. Make sure players use two hands at all times.
  2. Make sure players are communicating with you and their teammates.
  3. Make sure players are varying their movements.
  4. Help players identify the best method for performing each skill.

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