Instructors Course


Becoming a rugby coach begins with education.  To help coaches and teachers deliver the Rookie Rugby program, USA Rugby has designed a Rookie Rugby Instructor course that provides an overview of the game and best practices for starting a program.  This course is a great first step for anyone interested in coaching Rookie Rugby. It is easy to learn and fun to teach!

After taking the free, online Instructor course, be sure to check out all of the Rookie Rugby resources and materials.

Ready for the next step? Contact your local State Organization to take an in-person course or to start a team in your area. Visit to find a local organization in your state.

Click here to take the Rookie Rugby Instructor course!!!*

*Completing the Rookie Rugby Instructor course is not equivalent to USA Rugby membership or Coaching Certification.

Log Activity

  • Please provide a brief summary of the session and any additional information relevant for reporting. Things to include could be the number of volunteers present, types of resources provided, and follow-up/next steps.