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Transitioning from Ultimate to Flag

Difficulty: Advanced


    A game used to transition players from Ultimate Rugby to full flag rugby.

    How to Play

    1. Split players into two equal teams and begin on opposite sides of the field.
    2. Have players prepare by wearing flag belts and two flags.
    3. Start from Ultimate Rugby II and follow these progressions:
    • Pass in any direction—3 steps/3 seconds
    • Run with the ball—incorporate flag pulling and pass in any direction
    • Run with the ball– incorporate one lateral/backwards pass after flag pull. Open play will allow passes in any direction
    • Incorporate two lateral/backwards passing with flag pulls.
    • Advance to all lateral/backwards passing with flag pulls.

    Coaching Notes

    Game Progressions

    1. Incorporate rules to challenge players. For example, all players must receive a pass before scoring.
    2. Incorporate different rugby skills like offensive shape to help players be successful.

    Key Skills

    • Incorporating all skills into the game.

    Key Concepts

    1. Make sure players are mastering skills and game concepts before advancing.

    Log Activity

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