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Stars and Stripes

Difficulty: Beginner


    A game of tag that helps players work on reacting quickly on defense.

    How to Play

    1. Each player finds one partner and together they designate one partner “stars” and one partner “stripes”.
    2. One team (stars) lines up along the center line, facing the “star’s safe zone”. The other team (stripes) lines up next to their partner, arms length apart, facing the “stripe’s safe zone”.
    3. The instructor calls either “Stars!” or “Stripes!” The team being called tries to get to their safe zone before getting tagged by the other team.
    4. The team that is not called reacts to become taggers. They attempt to tag the opposition before they cross into their respective “safe zone”.
    5. Repeat various rounds, allowing players to quickly switch from offense to defense with quick reactions.

    Coaching Notes

    Game Progressions

    1. Give points every time a tag is made. Have players compete to get the most points.
    2. Vary the starting position of the players: sitting down, kneeling, or lying down.
    3. Incorporate fitness activities such as jumping jacks, jump squats, etc. before calling a team.
    4. Incorporate flags.

    Key Skills

    • Evading
    • Tagging

    Key Concepts

    1. Remind players to go through the proper steps when making a tag.
    2. Players should work on their offensive moves to avoid getting tagged.
    3. Quick reaction—switching from offense to defense.

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