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Rugby Freeze Tag

Difficulty: Beginner


    A simple game of freeze tag using rugby balls.

    How to Play

    1. 1-3 players are picked as taggers. Taggers are given a ball to use for tagging or use two hand touch when necessary.
    2. All non-taggers evade any taggers by moving into space within the grid.
    3. When a player is tagged with the rugby ball they must remain stationary or “frozen.”
    4. “Frozen” players can be released when their teammates perform a set skill.  We suggest giving a high five to un-freeze a player.  The game can either run for a set time or until all evading players are “frozen.”
    5. Players crossing over the boundary lines and stepping outside the grid become automatically frozen.



    Coaching Notes

    Game Progressions

    1. Crawl between the legs of a “frozen” player to unfreeze them.
    2. Incorporate passing so that “frozen” players can only become un-frozen by receiving a pass.
    3. Roll a ball between the legs of a “frozen” player.
    4. Incorporate flags.

    Key Skills

    • Evading
    • Moving to Space
    • Ball Familiarization
    • Tagging

    Key Concepts

    1. Make sure players are focused on teamwork to keep their teammates un-frozen.
    2. Have the taggers call their tags, by yelling “tag!”
    3. Emphasize communication by having players call for help when they are frozen.

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