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Rugby Baseball

Difficulty: Intermediate


    A passing game that helps players work on speed and accuracy.

    How to Play

    1. The offensive team forms a circle inside of the diamond grid.
    2. The defensive team forms a relay line behind the “Home Base” cone.
    3. On the instructor’s signal, the offensive team will start passing a rugby ball around the circle to perform as many passes as possible. At the same time the defensive team will send their first runner (rugby ball in hand) around each of the bases.
    4. The defensive team will have each team member run the bases once, handing off the rugby ball to their next teammate in line once they return home.
    5. The offensive team will try and get as many passes as possible completed in their circle before the defense finishes their relay.  Each pass counts as one point.
    6. After completing the relay, the teams will switch to determine a winner for the game.


    Coaching Notes

    Game Progressions

    1. Play multiple innings for the game.
    2. Change the direction of passing every 20 passes.
    3. Have runners go in pairs and pass a ball between bases.
    4. Include evasion skills between the bases.
    5. Have the center circle shuffle or perform jumping jacks to make players more dynamic.

    Key Skills

    • Passing
    • Receiving
    • Moving Forward

    Key Concepts

    1. Receivers should keep their hands up and out at chest height, with their hands and fingers making a “W.”
    2. Encourage players to use proper passing form including both hands on the ball and following through, pointing their arms at the target.

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