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Rookie Rugby Relays

Difficulty: Beginner


    Easy relay races that can be used to introduce new players to running with the ball and scoring a try.

    How to Play

    1. Start by separating players into equal relay teams of two or more and have them stand in line behind a cone.
    2. Make the first race a simple down and back with a rugby ball in hand, passing to the next player in line on the way back.  Be sure to instruct on proper passing and catching techniques prior.
    3. Next, have players ground the ball and yell “Try!” when they get to the far cone. Have them run back and pass to the next player in line.
    4. The next race should have two players from a team race down and back, completing three passes in between each cone, scoring at each end.
    5. Last, let players have fun by celebrating a “try dance” at the furthest cone before running back to pass to their teammate.

    Coaching Notes

    Game Progressions

    1. Make the cones further apart each race.
    2. Add defenders in the middle that players must evade to complete their turn in the race.
    3. Award the first team to finish a point and make it a competition for teams.
    4. Incorporate various skills including tossing the ball, kick and chase, low positioning, etc.

    Key Skills

    • Passing
    • Moving Forward
    • Grounding
    • Ball Familiarization

    Key Concepts

    1. Players should work on mastering each skill they perform while playing.
    2. Make sure players are encouraging each other as they race.

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