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Recycle Run

Difficulty: Advanced


    An evasion drill used to teach players how to offload the ball and create continuity.

    How to Play

    1. Split players into groups of three.
    2. The first player runs out five yards and places the ball on the ground and runs five yards further, turning around and becoming a defender.
    3. The next two players run in a straight line towards the ball.  The first player picks up the ball and performs a draw and pass skill.
    4. They draw the defense in one direction and pass to the next player running behind them in support.
    5. The player who now has the ball places the ball and becomes a new defender.
    6. The player on defense and the ball carrier from the first phase recycle to the end of the line.
    7. Have the group perform 3-4 phases down the field and 3-4 phases returning back to the beginning.
    8. Players should remain in a straight line while moving down the field.  This encourages moving forward in games.

    Coaching Notes

    Game Progressions

    1. Pass the ball from the right and left sides.
    2. Increase the distance between cones.
    3. Time each set of passes to see if players can improve their pace.
    4. Advance to incorporate the wiggle skill and flag belts.

    Key Skills

    • Moving Forward
    • Running in Support
    • Draw and Pass
    • The Wiggle

    Key Concepts

    1. Receivers should keep their hands up and out at chest height, with their hands and fingers making a “W”.
    2. Encourage players to use proper passing form including both hands on the ball and following through, pointing their arms at the target.

    Log Activity

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