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Over-Under Relay

Difficulty: Beginner


    To become familiar with the rugby ball and work on communication and teamwork.

    How to Play

    1. Create teams of five and have them line up with one rugby ball for each line. Have players start facing away from the grid.>/li>
    2. The first person in line has teh rugby ball. When the instructor yells, “GO!” the first player passes the ball over his/her head to the next player and then recycles to the end of the line.
    3. The next player passes the ball behind them through their legs. They then recycle to the end of the line.
    4. Players continue alternating passes over and under and recycling to the end of the line until they reach the other side of the grid.
    5. Have the teams race, reset and race on the way back.

    Coaching Notes

    Game Progressions

    Incorporate fitness activities into the relay by requiring a fitness move before a pass is made. For example, perform a jump squat followed by passing the ball overhead. The next player performs a jump squat followed by passing the ball under their legs.

    Key Skills

    Ball Awareness
    Carry the ball

    Key Concepts

    This activity is great for a warm-up activity, ball familiarization or for fitness. Focus on players having fun and working together on their communication and teamwork to complete the task.

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