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Mirrored Lines

Difficulty: Beginner


    A defensive positioning drill to help players learn how to follow their offensive mark.

    How to Play

    1. Have players pair up and form two lines facing each other 5 yards apart.  Designate one line as offense and one as defense.
    2. The instructor will stand behind one line, only being visible to the “offensive” side.
    3. The instructor will signal the offensive line to either move right, left, forward or backwards.
    4. The offense will move in the direction that the instructor signals.
    5. The defensive line must react to their opposite player, and keep the space between them the same distance at all times.
    6. The goal is for the defense to stay together as a collective unit to avoid creating holes in the line.  Begin the game with the defensive players holding hands while moving.  Once they are more advanced, have them let go and work to stay together on their own.

    Coaching Notes

    Game Progressions

    1. If mistakes are made, have players freeze and move to the correct position.
    2. Speed up the signals.
    3. Add additional signals such as signals to sit down or jump.
    4. Let the offensive line switch positions and have the defense communicate to trade the players they are marking.

    Key Skills

    • Defensive Flat Line
    • Working as a Team
    • Mark Matching Offensive Players

    Key Concepts

    1. Encourage players to look at the coach, their opposite, and their team to maintain straight lines.
    2. Make sure players are communicating, and helping each other to keep their shape.

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