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Just Score

Difficulty: Advanced


    A high intensity game that focuses on offensive possession and scoring.

    How to Play

    1. One team of four players start behind the try line.  Two defenders start in the middle of the grid.
    2. The object is for the offense to get the ball from one end of the grid to the other to score as many try’s as possible.
    3. The defensive players can only gain possession by intercepting the ball.
    4. Running the ball is not allowed, and support players should be encouraged to look for space to be in a position to receive the ball.  The ball can be passed in any direction.
    5. The offense reverses the direction of attack after a try is scored.
    6. A drop ball results in a re-start at the try line.
    7. Defensive players change with offense players to allow everyone a turn.

    Coaching Notes

    Game Progressions

    1. Passes can only be lateral or backwards.
    2. Adjust the ratio of offense/defense, grid size and time limits.

    Key Skills

    • Scoring a Try
    • Evading
    • Passing
    • Receiving
    • Creating Space

    Key Concepts

    1. Encourage players to work together on offense to create space.
    2. Encourage defenders to communicate and call out who they are defending.
    3. Encourage players to keep moving forward, always attempting to score.

    Log Activity

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