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Inside the Eagles Nest

Difficulty: Intermediate


    A fun game that helps players work on running with the ball and passing.

    How to Play

    1. Have players pair up and stand by one of the outside cones.
    2. Set a small square grid with cones in the center of the larger grid and put 10-15 rugby balls in it.
    3. On the instructor’s signal, one player from each team will run to the center grid and grab a ball.
    4. The goal for each team is to get the most amount of balls back to their cone.
    5. Only one teammate may be moving at a time.  Once one player retrieves a ball, they can pass to their teammate waiting at their cone.  Once the retrieved ball is placed at their cone the next player can move.
    6. Once all the balls are gone from the center the game will end and the team with the most balls at their cone wins.

    Coaching Notes

    Game Progressions

    1. Use time limits and allow teams to steal balls from each other once all the balls from the center are gone.
    2. Start with an even number of rugby balls at each of the team cones. Have the players work to get rid of all the balls at their cone the fastest.

    Key Skills

    • Teamwork
    • Passing and Receiving
    • Running with the Ball

    Key Concepts

    1. Encourage players to make efficient passes so that they can move faster.
    2. Make sure that players are communicating as a team.

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