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Great Escape

Difficulty: Intermediate


    A fun game of tag that helps players improve the defensive flag pull and the offensive evasion skill.

    How to Play

    1. A smaller grid (6 x 6 yards) is centered within a larger grid (20 x 20 yards).  Start with 4-8 players inside the smaller grid and 3-6 players outside the smaller grid, but still within the larger grid.  Keep more players inside the grid than outside to start.
    2. The smaller grid is a safe zone for the offensive team. The defensive team can only move in the large grid and cannot enter the safe zone.
    3. On the a signal, the offensive players must try and escape outside the larger grid without having their flag removed by the defense.
    4. If an offensive player escapes to the outside they return to the center for the next round.  If an offensive player gets their flag pulled they switch roles and become a defender on the next round.
    5. The game continues until everyone gets a flag pulled. Repeat the game and have players switch roles.


    Coaching Notes

    Game Progressions

    1. Coaches can label the sides of the grid and limit the sides that players can escape for each round.
    2. Include rugby balls for the offense and have players pass or run with the balls to escape.
    3. Change the number of players.

    Key Skills

    • Evading Defense
    • Flag Etiquette

    Key Concepts

    1. Encourage defenders to track offensive players to reduce their options.
    2. Help offensive players to be aware of open space and focus on evading defenders to move into space.

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